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Cardona International Corp. is a reseller of UV LEDS, manufactured by Sensor Electronic Technology, INC (SETI).
SETI is the sole manufacturer of 240 nm LEDs in the world.

CIC provides sales and support of UVTOP® LEDs to clients in Asia, Europe, Australia.

SETI's UVTOP® LEDs are a series of UV and deep-UV LEDs with peak emission wavelengths in the range of 240 - 400 nm.

Semiconductor Material: AlInGaN deposited by proprietary Migration Enhanced MOCVD MEMOCVD® process Wavelengths Options: Any wavelength within 240 - 400 nm range.

Packaging: LED chips are encapsulated and hermetically sealed in various metal-glass TO (TO-3, TO-18, TO-37, TO-39, TO-66, etc.) and SMD packages with UV-transparent optical windows.

Proprietary reflectors, heat sinks, and transparent windows are used to extract the highest output powers.

Window Options:

- Flat Window for Lambertian emission pattern;
- Ball Lens and Hemispherical Lens for focused emission pattern;
- Packages without windows for customers that do not require a hermetic seal;
- Customizable packaging options.


Miniature and robust
Digital, Instant-On/Off
No Hazardous Waste
Low voltage (4-8 V)
Flexible light design

Typical Applications:
Water/Air/Surface Purification
Medical Applications
Fluorescent Spectroscopy
Bioanalysis/ Biodetection


Download/view SETI current catalog - 571 kB (pdf)

Download/view UV LED price list - 170 kB (pdf)


Orders are accepted by phone, email or fax.
Please wait for the invoice. Payment method - bank wire transfer or U.S. dollar draft drawn on a bank in the United States. Telegraph Transfer and Visa/Mastercard are accepted for small orders of samples.

Small orders are shipped via express postal carrier (UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS). Insured USPS Global Express mail is the most economical option that we can recommend.
Large orders that exceed mail carrier package requirements are sent as insured air freight.


Businesses from Asia can also contact Jin Long sales office for order fulfillment from Hong Kong:

Jin Long Industrial and Trading Co, HK LTD
Unit 2209, 22/F. Wu Chung House,
213 Queen's Road East,
Wanchai, Hong Kong
tel: +852-25843231
fax: +852-30204782






UV LED Ball Lens


UV LED Hemispherical Lens